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Hybrid Strains

Where To Buy Hybrid Weed

A hybrid cannabis plant has both Indica and Sativa features. Because cannabis has been grown for centuries, most present strains are hybrids. Landrace strains are pure, non-hybrid cultivars that are local to the place where they thrive. Modern landraces, on the other hand, have been transplanted and tamed. Because pure Sativa and Indica are uncommon,…

Hybrid Strain
Hybrid Strains

Why Hybrid Strain Are A Best Strain In USA

Nowadays, the cannabis industry has become more significant than ever before. With the legalisation of medical and recreational marijuana, there are more options to buy and consume weed. There are many options for weed strains that you may not be aware of, some good and some bad. One option has become increasingly popular among all…

Granddaddy Purple
Hybrid Strains

Is Granddaddy Purple Indica Or Sativa

If you are a fan of rich Indica, distinct berry taste, couch lock, and fantastic medical values, then Granddaddy purple strain is the best choice to satisfy your wants. Grand Daddy Purple is considered the grandfather of all the Indica hybrids and one of the most vigorous weeds that will make you numb. It contains…

Hybrid Strains

Top 5 Indica Strains You Can Buy In USA

Would you like to try marijuana and its various strains? Well, when we talk about marijuana strains, the Indica strain is considered one of the best, which provides you with tremendous experience. Our customers have various positive reviews about the Indica strains and the after-effects. However, suppose you don’t have any information regarding the Indica…

White Widow Cannabis Strain
Cannabis Strain

Things You Know About the White Widow Cannabis Strain

The white widow strain is a hybrid breed that balances the Brazilian Sativa LandRace and the resin-heavy South Indian Indica. Its composition includes Sativa (60%) and indica (40%) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (approximately 18-25%), cannabidiol (CBD)(approximately 1%), cannabinol (CBN) (approximately 1%), and due to the 3: 2 ratio of Sativa and Indica, this species evokes a…